Music Background:

    Country, Hip-Hop/Rap & Top 40's

What got me started:

    He was first exposed to the world of DJing after being introduced to well-known Houston DJ's and was eager to bring his new love for the art back to events and parties. Since then, he’s developed a unique style and mix built around his passion for every genre of music being played.

Things I like to do when I am not DJing: 

   I love playing sports, cooking and spending time with family. Looking towards the future. Jeff continually pushes himself musically and professionally and is always eager to share his love for music with those he meets, and believes strongly in the power of music to bring change to the world.  

Why should I be included in your special day:

    He continually seeks to mix sounds that are one step ahead of industry trends. He loves giving his audiences the opportunity to discover what he believes is the true meaning of music in its purest form.