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Music Background:
    I am DJ Leon I have been DJing weddings for 10 years! My music capabilities are completely open format; meaning I can mix anything from country to hip-hop, rock to pop, English to Spanish etc.


What got me started into DJing:
     My whole life has been surrounded by music. It mostly grew from grade school
playing the trumpet. When I graduate high school my high school band director called me to ask
if I was interested in learning to DJ. As soon as I started I immediately fell in love with it and the
rest is history. Now I go weekend to weekend DJing weddings with all the amazing couples that
book with us.

Things I like to do when I am not DJing:

    I like to attend church with my family along with going on vacations.

Why should I be included in your special day:

     With all the expertise I have built up through the years I have really learned all the
little details that make a HUGE difference during your wedding to ensure that everything stays
perfect throughout the night!




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