Frequently Asked Questions:


1.  How do I know if my wedding date is even available?

  • If you will head over to CHECK AVAILABILITY, ​you can see if we are still available on your wedding day!


2.  How long has Enloe Entertainment been in business as a wedding DJ/MC company?

  • We have been in business since January of 2010! You can see how we got our company started here in OUR STORY!

3.  How many weddings has Enloe Entertainment done since being in business?  How many weddings does your company DJ/MC in an average weekend?

  • Since we have been in business, we average roughly 50-60 weddings a year!  So roughly 300 or so, just since our start!  Our average weekend would really be determined on what time of the year you are asking.  If it is the dead heat of summer (June to August), then it is usually (1) per weekend, but in the cooler parts of the year such as April and October, we might even handle up to (3) per weekend! 

4.  Will my wedding be the only wedding that your company will DJ/MC that day?

  • YES, you will be the only wedding that we have that day!  But even if we start at noon and end at 4:00 PM (Yes, it has happened before!), we do NOT book another wedding or event that evening generally.  We allow our couples adequate time for their event and if you choose to go over your contract time, we can still accommodate that as well.  

5.  Will you be the DJ/MC at our wedding?

  • I would say about 99% of the time, I will be the DJ/MC for your wedding!  During the rare chance that I get ill or an emergency arises, we work with a network of DJ's that we know will make your wedding spectacular.  We upload our notes/song choices to DropBox; therefore, the emergency DJ would be able to download it ASAP!

6.  Has Enloe Entertainment done weddings before at our venue?  If not, how would your company go about getting acquainted with the venue?

  • Most of the time, yes, we have handled several weddings at your wedding venue!  If the slight chance arises that we have not, we will usually do a virtual tour online first through Google images and/or Facebook to get pictures and ideas.  If we can do an initial meeting at the venue or even a follow-up meeting at the venue so we can discuss ideas/concerns first hand, it would be greatly appreciated!

7.  What sets you apart from all the other DJ's that have I have contacted?

  • We believe what sets us apart is the fact that we like to get to know our clients on a one-on-one basis and they are not just another number, account or dollar bill.  They are individuals and couples that we have made an impact on their wedding day!  Our slogan is, "You meet us as clients, but you leave us as family!".  That slogan is NOT about you being just anyone, but people we still have grown with as individuals as well as a company.  

8.  Do you offer any other services other than DJ/MC?

  • Of course!  What phenomenal DJ/MC company would be anything without other services such as uplighting, dance floor lighting, digitally projected monograms, Dancing on a Cloud, as well as day-of-coordinator!  Uplighting is lighting that is wireless and battery operated, so it can basically be placed just about anywhere that is deemed safe!  Most couples prefer the colors to match their wedding color theme.  They are all controlled wirelessly from an iPad (so we can go up to your bridal suite (granted you can still see the wedding reception area) and you can see them first hand.  We ask that you provide us a color scheme idea and we will do our best to get it taken care of for you.  Maroon, burnt orange and navy blue are amongst the few colors that are impossible to do with uplighting!  Dance floor lighting is the lighting that will generally get your "shy" guests up and going on the dance floor (besides alcohol, obviously!).  Photographers/videographers love our lighting as it doesn't affect their shots either.  Customized monograms are usually the lighting designs that shine on the dance floor and/or walls that most couples want their initials, new last name, wedding date, hashtag or something else they love.  You can think of the customized monogram as a "branding" for your wedding!  Our day-of-coordinator is who gets your timeline together among working together with all your vendors!


9.  Do you mind providing me with recent couples that I can contact for a reference for you?

  • Of course, I would love to!  But I don't know if you would like random people that you do not know calling you at a random time.   So that is why I suggest checking out OUR REVIEWS.   Also, we do NOT allow potential couples come watch us at a wedding due to that particular wedding might not be the same format as yours!  On top of that, you would NOT want us inviting random strangers to your wedding to eat your food, drink your alcohol or dance with your new spouse.



1.  Do you have any samples of your work such as mixes and/or videos or other media of past weddings you have did?

2.  Would you be willing to assist me in choosing song(s) for event(s) that I might have difficulty choosing?

  • Of course, we would love to!  We HIGHLY suggest that you choose your processional (bridal walk), your first dance, father/daughter dance along with your mother/son dance because we believe those are very special dances!

3.  How extensive is your music library that we get to choose from?  What genre(s) do you specialize in?

  • We have all the Top 50 or Top 100 from every year from 1950 up to today!  We have music from Adele to ZZ Top and everything in between!  We specialize in country (how can you not being from Texas), Top 40, rap/hip-hop and most stuff in between.  We LOVE doing what we call "fusion weddings" where there are bilingual music selections such as country and Latin (bachata, cumbia, salsa, merengue and reggaeton)!

4.  Do you stay current with your musical collections?

  • Yes, we try!  We are not saying if it was released the day of your wedding that we do or do not already have it.  But we update our music libraries at least once a week, it not two or three times!  We download from LEGAL music pools that we pay monthly memberships to.  So, there is a good chance that we already have the song selections and/or can obtain it within seconds!

5.  If you are sick and cannot make our wedding for any reason, what is your backup plan to ensure we still have a wonderful event?

  • I would say about 99% of the time, I will be the DJ/MC for your wedding!  During the rare chance that I get ill or an emergency arises, we work with a network of DJ's that we know will make your wedding spectacular.  We upload our notes/song choices to DropBox; therefore, the emergency DJ would be able to download it ASAP!

6.  Do you take any breaks and if so, what music will be provided for these breaks?

  • The only breaks that we do take are to eat a meal (usually provided by the couple OR we bring our own or even eat beforehand!), along with the obvious human restroom breaks!  We do not smoke at all, nor do we consume alcohol at the wedding!  The music would be taken care of by our assistant on hand and they would have a playlist pre-built to choose from by us.

7.  Do you act as the emcee (MC) and make all our announcements that we would like?

  • Yes, we do!  Unless the event is needing a bilingual MC, then we suggest to having someone such as a trusted family or friend, act as the translator.  But we have yet to encounter that problem, even with Spanish events!

8.  How would you define your "style" when making announcements?

  • I would say my style is informative, yet convincing!  We can convince people to come out to the dance floor that might not come otherwise!  

9.  What do you do to motivate the crowd if nobody is dancing or we do not expect our guests to be big dancers?

  • We have several tricks up our sleeves, but we suggest rather talking about these in a private face-to-face conversation as not to give all our secrets away to possible competitors!

10.  Do you take requests from all our guests at the wedding?

  • Of course, but we ask you in our meetings who NOT to take requests from such as your cousin Emily that is not even a teenager and will want little kid songs played or uncle Bob that you know will be inebriated during the wedding, so we basically ignore them both!  Our requests are EXTREMELY filtered!  We do listen to whoever comes up to the booth, but if their selection(s) are what we believe to be "dance floor killers" instead of "fillers", then we will just listen and ignore it all at once!  Our beliefs are if a woman requests it, it will more than likely fill the floor and the gentlemen will follow!  Trust us on this one!!!

11.  Are we able to submit a DO NOT PLAY list for our wedding?

  • Why would you not be?  It is your wedding!  Even though during our meetings, we do suggest letting just about anything go during your reception, we know that you will NOT like everything!  But we will NOT play explicit rap/hip-hop or any songs for that matter, scream (heavy screaming into the microphone) or anything else you ask us NOT to play!



1.  Do you provide wireless microphones for the ceremony (officiant and vows) AND reception (for the emcee and toasts)?

  • Yes, we do!  We provide a lapel microphone (usually worn on the lapel of a suit jacket and/or tie of a male officiant) as well as a handheld microphone for your vows, even though the lapel usually picks up the vows by itself anyway!  The two wireless handheld microphones will be used for the MC as well as toasters.  If the rare instance that the reception requires more than two microphones, we can still accommodate you.  The MC will be on a corded microphone and the toasters will still have access to the two wireless microphones!

2.  Does your equipment require any special electrical or other commodities that I should let me venue be aware of?

  • No, it does not!  Just your standard three prong 110 plugins.

3.  Do you bring backup equipment for our wedding?

  • Yes, of course we do!  Even though we use professional grade equipment, things can possibly happen, and we keep the wedding going smoothly! 


4.  What kind of "special accommodations" do you require for setting up on a stage or DJ booth?

  • We usually just ask that you give us an 8x8 spacing for adequate accommodations.  Even though, we usually don't require that much room, most venue accommodate us well.


5.  Do you setup a sign or banner with your equipment?

  • No, we do NOT at weddings!  If your guests ask to discuss their wedding or event at yours, we politely hand them a business card and ask them to contact us later to discuss details.  We are there for your event and not theirs!  Tip jars will NOT be present, but tips are welcome, but NOT required!

6.  How much time will you need for setup, sound checking and breakdown on the wedding day?

  • It really depends on what all you choose to make your wedding day spectacular!  But for basic audio setups (including ceremony and reception), it generally takes about an hour, if your officiant is there and ready to soundcheck.  But if you are wanting to add-on lighting and are wanting several scenes (color ideas and shows) at the wedding, it can take as long as a few hours.  Granted the above times are ceremony and reception all on one venue property, with an assistant as well as all equipment inside their designated spaces.  Setup and teardown time are on our own time and the clients are not billed for it if we are provided adequate timing.

7.  What time will you arrive on site?

  • We plan our arrival based on mileage, setup times, sound checking, changing clothes as well as allowing ourselves a cushion of generally 30 extra minutes to accommodate any changes.  If you are needing day-of-rehearsal completed, we generally do NOT charge extra for it if you are hiring our day-of-coordinator and we are still available along to subject to availability!

8.  Will we meet again before the day of the wedding?

  • That is generally up to the couple!  We will NOT accept a wedding without prior meeting the couple to ensure we are an adequate match for one another (we have only NOT accepted a hand full of weddings since our opening)!  We do what we consider a "meet and greet" style of meeting.  This is where we discuss some details to what all you would like, plus possibly sip on some Starbucks coffee (who doesn't like Starbucks?  If you are the rare one, we will gladly accommodate you as well)!  Most of the other meetings, if you have questions are done via email and our "close out" meeting where we will review your profile with us and get you to sign off electronically is usually completed via phone call.  If you do require an additional meeting, please just let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.  We are usually busy with weddings on Friday to Sunday, so we just ask that you please respect that in your scheduling options! 

9.  When do we need to submit our music requests and event details?

  • We ask that you send in your music and event choices by (14) days prior to your wedding.  We know that song selections and people may change, we just ask that you let us know ASAP! 


10.  What will you wear to our wedding?

  • We generally choose to not "outshine" the groom.  We all know the bride wears the beautiful white wedding dress, so you will NOT have to worry about us wearing that.  We prefer to match the wedding party attire if it is black tie formal (suit jacket, vest, dress shirt, tie, dress shoes and slacks), business casual (either a polo/slacks OR dress shirt with/without a tie) OR western (pearl snap, jeans and boots)! Or you can choose our attire as we most likely have it already in our arsenal.  We even have had brides ask that we wear a Hawaiian shirt with flip-flops for a beach themed wedding!

11.  Do you and your staff require a meal?

  • Even though it isn't "required", we are in Texas and most people do show us and their guests favored hospitality by allowing us the privilege of consuming a rather great meal.  If you choose not to allow us this privilege, please let us know before so we know to provide food/beverages accordingly.

12.  What is your policy on alcohol and smoking during the wedding reception?

  • We will NOT be doing either at your wedding!  We believe that we are there for a job, so you would not drink at your job site, hopefully!  

IV.  THE NOT SO FUN PARTS (Pricing and Payments)

1.  What all am I paying for in my package?

  • You are paying for what all is obviously stated in your package.  But also, what most couples do not see is included, is that we reach out to your vendors to introduce ourselves (if we haven't worked together, even if we are NOT coordinating). We like to reach out to your videographer (to see if they need us to provide them a "clean" feed for their audio (they plug into our setup) as well as your photographer (to see what lenses they will be using and equipment to ensure we won't conflict, as well as to make sure we can be a mobile emcee!)

2.  Do you include setup and tear down time in your pricing?

  • Generally, yes, we do!  But the question was answered above!

3.  How much do you charge for overtime?

  • Overtimes rates vary depending on which package you choose!   Generally, we charge $100.00 per hour and with our specials we charge $200.00 per hour (just because they are already HIGHLY discounted!).  We will come to the contract signer 30 minutes prior the ending (if it seems like we will go past the contract time) and let them politely know that we are ending in 30 minutes and if they would like to go another hour or so.  If they choose to go the extra time, we will ask that they provide payment in cash at that time.

4.  Are there any additional fees that I should consider such as travel or anything else?

  • Besides what is in your quote and contract, you generally should NOT!  We do not charge for travel if you are less than 50 miles from zip code 77303 (Conroe, Texas), but anything over the 50 miles is subject to various travel rates!  If equipment is damaged by your guest(s), we ask that they always take care of damages in cash or via credit card at that moment (we do carry a card payment reader on us!).   If they cannot take care of damages, you will be asked to!

5.  When do I receive my contract to review and sign with Enloe Entertainment?

  • You will receive a contract to read over when you get a quote from us.  We just ask that you read over it, but you do NOT have to sign right then.  We will create you a contract for you to sign electronically.  So, you do not need to sign anything via pen (AT ALL) or print anything unless you just want to.

6.   How much of a deposit do you require and when is it due?  Along with when will my account have to be paid off?

  • We only require a 25% non-refundable retainer fee. For our specials as well, they can vary on their non-refundable retainer fees (so you can get more of what you want AND must pay less up front for it!).  We HIGHLY recommend officially booking with an electronically signed contract and non-refundable retainer fee PAID IN FULL ASAP!  We have even had couples want XYZ date and then 5 minutes later another couple wanted the exact same date.  WE ARE A FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE BASED COMPANY!  The first wedding/event to pay their non-refundable retainer fee IN FULL & SIGN THEIR ELECTRONIC CONTRACT get the date first! We just ask that accounts be PAID IN FULL (30) days prior to the wedding!    

7.  Do you offer a payment plan?

  • Yes, we do!  We have had couples pay $50 a week while others pay $100 a month!  It is all up to you on that!  Again, we just ask that the account be PAID IN FULL (30) days prior to the event!

8.  What is your refund/cancellation policy?

  • Fortunately, we know things happen.  But if we gave refunds to everyone, then we would be like most businesses and not still be here for your wedding.  That is why we require a non-refundable retainer fee to secure our services.  If we book you, we are missing out on other possible weddings.  We would rather it be something positive like you hitting the lottery and you wanting to take your family/friends AND vendors on a destination wedding versus something not so great!  In case you need the details, here you go!  If you cancel the contract, less than (90) calendar days from the wedding or event, we require you pay 100% of the total contract.  If you cancel the contract between (90) and (119) calendar days from the wedding or event, we require you to pay 75% of the contract total.  If you cancel the contract between (120) to (180) days, you are required to pay 50% of the contract total. 

9.  How far in advance should I book you?

  • We HIGHLY suggest booking ASAP.  Most couples, according to a recent study, wished they would have either spent more money on their DJ or booked their preferred DJ sooner.  Your wedding DJ is generally one of the cheaper expenses but will be the one you regret most if you do NOT choose wisely!

10.  What information do you need from me before the wedding day?

  • Just for us to have our finalized meeting discussing all your final decisions! Plus, for you to have your account paid off.

11.  Are you insured?

  • Yes, we have a one-million-dollar coverage.  We have our insurance on file with several venues in Houston already. So, if your venue requires it, we just ask that you let us know and we will get it taken care of for you!  It generally takes only maybe 30 minutes or so to get it taken care of.  Why risk hiring another company that does NOT have insurance to only be left at the altar (and not by your future spouse), but rather because the DJ was NOT insured and could not make your wedding!