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Our Reflection on 2023: "A Year of Growth, Gratitude & Achievements"


As we bid farewell to the wonderful year of 2023, we are certainly looking forward to the year of 2024. We would like to reflect on some of the highs and lows that we experienced in 2023. This was a year that has certainly redefined the wedding and event industry as a whole.

Personal Growth:

We have certainly grown as a company as we added two more DJ's as well as an additional photobooth tech. We have always wanted to invest in people that would like to invest in us! We can not wait to see where our team will go in 2024. The company as a whole did over 100+ weddings and events in 2023. Even though it was a bit lower than previous years, we are still happy with our results as we have more narrowed in our ideal wedding clients. Professional Milestones: We had set a goal of getting on three new preferred vendor lists for the the 2023 year. We actually exceeded that by achieving FIVE instead of our goal of three. We would like to thank (Grand Pines Reserve, Brownstone Reserve, Charleston Lane, The Vault Venue & Hodge Podge Lodge) for seeing the value that we provide to their clients. We know that venues see a lot of wonderful talent come into their venues, but to reach out to us specifically to be a part is always a joy! See what venue partners that we are a part of HERE!

We also had a goal of working with three new corporate clients this year and we actually exceeded that with FOUR. We would like to thank (Makeup Junkie Bags, Hunton Group, Uptown Salons & Bosscat Kitchen) for seeing the value that we provide to your clients and your employees for your Christmas parties. See what all corporate partners are working with us HERE!

Our Community & Connections: Community is one thing that is huge with us at Enloe Entertainment LLC. We believe in helping others in our community not just during difficult times, but also throughout the year. We have partnered with Under Over Fellowship in Conroe to help the homeless community of Conroe and the surrounding areas. This is a mission that is near and dear the heart of Jimmy and Melody Enloe, the owners of Enloe Entertainment LLC. As we challenge anyone looking to get involved in non-profit work, this one is certainly a great one to be a part of! Challenges & Resilience: We always have had our challenges in 2023 with a fragile economy. With 2024 being an election year, no matter which side your are on politically, are usually tough years. Either way, just no that celebrations for weddings and events will continue. At Enloe Entertainment LLC, we are still looking forward to celebrate with you in 2024!


As we have already closed on the 2023 year, we are so appreciative of our clients then and now. We can not wait to celebrate with all of our couples in 2024, but also see the memories that the couples in 2023 celebrated. As we move into 2024 and beyond, if you need anything from us at Enloe Entertainment LLC, we would love to be there for you! Feel free to check us out on our website, which can be found HERE!

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