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     Have you ever wondered what it would be like to book a photobooth for your wedding or corporate event? You can book one from us at Enloe Entertainment LLC to service your wedding or corporate event in Houston, College Station, Galveston, Beaumont, San Antonio, Austin and surrounding areas.  We can do digital or physical prints for your wedding or corporate event as well.  We do customized templates as well as backdrops here.  Enloe Entertainment LLC brought the ability to book photobooths to our wedding and corporate event clients in the summer of 2020.  So let's book a wedding or photobooth for your wedding or corporate event today!


1.  What is an "open-air" concept photo booth?  Also, what should we even consider one for our wedding or event?

  • Enloe Entertainment LLC is one of the leading photobooth experiences in Houston & College Station.  We have never been a part of the "closed air" concept booth experiences (think like the arcades, malls or something similar).  Our open-air concept allows your guests not in the booth experience to see what is happening and join in the fun and laughter!

2.  What makes the Enloe Entertainment LLC photobooth experience so special compared to others?

  • Our goal is to impress you on your wedding day or your company at your corporate event.  That means bringing feature packed experiences, enticing props, a gallery of beautiful backdrop options and of course the smiling faces that will be the attendant.

3.  What is required to make a reservation for our photobooth experience with Enloe Entertainment LLC?

  • You are welcome to pre-select your photobooth template (HERE) and your backdrop (HERE) prior to booking.  Obviously, we will not be starting the design process until your contract is electronically signed and a retainer payment is paid!  If adding the booth to a DJ service, it would be 25% of the total to reserve it.  If you are booking the booth WITHOUT a DJ, then it would be 50% of the total!

4.  Does Enloe Entertainment LLC do drop off booths or will there be an attendant there?

  • Yes, our booth managers are highly trained on the booth experience so that your event will be a wonderful time.  

5.  Does Enloe Entertainment LLC actually do "unlimited prints"?   

  • We actually do one print per person in the session.  If we did truly unlimited printing, then you would probably have people wanting to do Christmas cards with them!  Otherwise, we seem to find that guests seem to choose maybe one print per session and everyone does the digital option.  

6.  What type of props do Enloe Entertainment LLC bring to our wedding or event?   

  • We will be bringing our very own hand-selected props for the wedding or event.  We have several different options of funny signs, hats, glasses and of course our ever popular featherless boas.  We are constantly looking for new props to bring into our inventory or even for each type of event.

7.  What is this personalized print template/overlay that you mention?   

  • As you might have already checked out our beautiful print templates that can be found (HERE), we can also design something more custom for your wedding or event.  We just ask that you send us your wedding invitation or event flyer.

8.  Can we do the black and white booth aka "glam booth" / "Kardashian booth"

  • Most of our events want us to print in color to show the beautiful faces in them.  If you would like for us to create custom filters to match that vintage/classic look, please let us know.  We can certainly do this for you! 

9.  What all do you need at the venue?  Can we do the photobooth experience outdoors?

  • We ask for our area to be a minimum of 10' x 10' and a minimum height of 8'.  A power outlet to be within 10 feet.  We can provide our own table for the printer and props.  In the off chance that you want that table linen to match your others, we just ask the venue to provide a table and you to provide a matching linen.  We certainly do not like doing outdoor events (with no covering for rain), but in the off chance that yours will be, please let us know so we can accommodate accordingly.

10.  Where can the guests view all of the photos from the event?  Also, will I/We receive a link to the gallery?


  • Your guests can either click the text link that they get and view them instantly (assuming data coverage in the area) or they can AirDrop the photo (for iPhones/iPads).  In the event of an Android device, we can text the guest(s) the link.  If there is date coverage, they should be able to view it instantly.  If not, they can view it once they do!  The client will receive a link with all of the photos to download.

5 Reasons To Have Us At Your Big Day!

Click, caption, upload to your social media accounts!   Another way to entertain your wedding guests is having a photo booth, even if they are a dancing crowd since they will need a break! It’s a perfect way to entertain your guest, and at the same time- a little gift that won’t just be a  “thank you” souvenir but a lifetime reminder of your memorable wedding or corporate event.

Entertainment For Everyone

  • Most of us didn't grow up with cameras on our cell phones (think our parents!).  You won't just have a family portrait, but something to look back on remember the time that you had.

Form of Relaxation & FUN

  • A break from either drinking, dancing or even people! You don't even have to be a natural in front of the camera. Some unrelaxed or unnatural than they look in photos, no matter how skillful the photographer is. That’s because they take some time to relax and act natural in front of the camera. It takes time!  The good thing is with a photobooth experience, people EXPECT to have FUN!

Customizable Theme

  • Were you planning on having a theme for your wedding day or corporate event? Whether you want a shimmer shinny backdrop, a hedge wall with fresh flowers or even just a simple rustic background you can achieve it! To add to your backdrop, we has props to match your theme. 

Photos as Favors

  • Your guests have will have a personalized favor that they would actually want to keep! It's one less thing to cross off your wedding to-do list. Who doesn’t want to take pictures when they’re dressed to impress?  You know those cookies, coozies you did nothing with from your friend's wedding?  Yeah, why waste the money and time on those.

Additional Photo Opportunities

  • Your wedding photographer simply can’t photograph everybody at your special day. Some don’t like to be photographed for whatever reason whilst others might just keep missing the photographer as they come round.

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