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Meet The DJ Team

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Favorite Events:  Weddings (I am the hopeless romantic type!) and of course corporate events!

Favorite Spotify Playlists:  Anything Reggaeton (For working out), Binaural Beats: Focus (For studying or concentration) or Country Beats Remixed (When I need something for creativity)

Favorite Foods:  Crawfish (within season), chicken wings (from where ever) and of course crème brûlée.

Most Embarrassing Moment At My Event:  Walking into the venue to see the bride (not knowing what she looked like yet) putting out decor.  I told her, "Hey!  I am Jimmy, the DJ.  Are you the coordinator, by chance?".  She of course said, "Hey Jimmy!  I am actually the bride!

Meet the DJS: Meet The Team

Favorite Events:  Weddings, by far!

Favorite Spotify Playlists:  All over the place, but certainly 80's, Salsa, Reggaeton and Pop.

Favorite Foods:  Italian & Tex-Mex

Most Embarrassing Moment At My Event:  Playing the father-daughter song to the couple's entrance.  The couple had even confirmed all of the songs with me, but she got those mixed up!


Favorite Events:  Weddings! Feels wholesome to see a couple come together as one and be part of their memorable night

Favorite Spotify Playlists:  

Todays top hits - like to stay up to date with all the new hits and figure out how I can incorporate to older songs 

Daily Drive - I am a lot on the road. Good way to hear podcasts and songs. 

2010s mix - my favorite era in music brings me back to my college years. 

Favorite Foods:  Tacos! They must have cilantro, diced onions, grilled onions, and the perfect amount of Salsa.

Most Embarrassing Moment At My Event:  Arriving to my event with our my suit! Luckily my wife saved the day and brought it to me. 


Favorite Events:  Honestly, any that involve guests on the dance floor!

Favorite Spotify Playlists:  As a DJ, I've been through it all, but if I absolutely had to pick, as of lately it's either a playlist called Housewerk or Moody Mix.

Favorite Foods:  Is everything an option?  This one is hard, I love Mexican, also love anything asian, from ramen to sushi to pho to Chinese.  Now I am hungry!

Most Embarrassing Moment At My Event:  Probably a runaway bride situation involving cops trying to find her as a missing person.  I was so embarrassed for the groom!  We all knew what was up.


Favorite Events:  Weddings, because a DJ helps create memories

Favorite Spotify Playlists: Favorite playlist : EDM and Latin House music when listening for pleasure. Other than I grew up listening to 70’s like Donna Summer and for the 80's loving Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince. For the 90’s, I jammed out to Selena, Whitney Houston, Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer, Freestyle like Stevie B and so on. 2000’s and up to now I pretty much listened to everything from country , classic rock, R & B, Hip-Hop, latin Music from Tejano, Cumbia, Bacahata, Merengue, Reggaeton . As you can tell I love music in all different types of angles. 

Favorite Foods:  Italian & Mexican

Most Embarrassing Moment At My Event:  TBD


Favorite Events:  Weddings

Favorite Spotify Playlists:  Anything Bachata, Merengue, Salsa, Top 40, Cumbias or 80's.

Favorite Foods:  Any LOL

Most Embarrassing Moment At My Event:  When my computer shutdown in the middle of the party!

Meet The Photobooth Team


Staff Coordinator


Favorite Events:  Weddings & Corporate

Favorite Spotify Playlists:  Anything Taylor Swift

Favorite Foods:  Italian

Most Embarrassing Moment At My Event:  The power going out at the venue for a wedding and nothing coming back on for a couple of hours.  Luckily, everyone stayed around to chat and still had a good time.  We were still able to create memories with the photobooth, but of course without prints.  The couple were so excited that we could at least still keep that going for them!


Lead Photbooth Tech

Favorite Events:  Weddings

Favorite Spotify Playlists:  I don’t listen to Spotify but I like a little bit of everything 😁 

Favorite Foods:  Italian, Mexican, BBQ…I’m just a fan of food lol 😆 🤷🏼‍♀️

Most Embarrassing Moment At My Event:  I don’t really get embarrassed. I just roll with whatever comes my way. If you can’t laugh at yourself then life would be really boring lol 

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Photbooth Tech

Favorite Events:  Birthday parties, corporate or really any event with great people

Favorite Spotify Playlists:  Early 2000's Mix

Favorite Foods:  Crawfish, Catfishand beef with rice & gravy

Most Embarrassing Moment At My Event:  Right after I asked the DJ to announce that the photobooth was open, I realized that the power was out on my side.  Luckily, it was an issue with the building and not on our end!  Everything was back up and running within minutes.

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