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     Are you ready to have a fun filled night as you are surrounded by loving family and friends?  Then, you are in the right place as you check out Houston's wedding and event DJ/MC, lighting & special effects specialist!  We all know that weddings can have that "stereotypical" wedding DJ that plays the chicken dance, hokey pokey and other "dumb songs".  Why not turn up your wedding entertainment as you check out Enloe Entertainment LLC?

Enloe Entertainment-1.jpg

Music Background:

   ALL Country, Old School Hip-Hop & of course Top 40!

What got me started:

   I was first brought to DJing by a coincidence.   I was HUGE into the car audio scene and had a friend ask me if I would DJ his wedding.  I had no equipment and took out a loan with my bank.  I had no idea what I was doing at that wedding, but immediately fell in love with it.  I started the company as Jimmy Enloe’s Sound & DJ Services (Yes, a very long name) and we shortened it down to Enloe Entertainment LLC when I met my wife, Melody.

Things I like to do when I am not DJing: 

  I like to do quite a few things such as pursuing my love of culinary!  If I were not DJing, I would be going to culinary school as that’s an additional media to express myself in an artistic way.  Also, I enjoy playing tennis, fishing and spending time with our children (River, Oaklyn & Tatum).

Why should I be included in your special day:

    I am always looking to bring a stress-free and FUN time to every single couples’ day.  I like to treat every couple as family and by the wedding day, we will have known each other quite well.

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