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Audio Guestbook

Vintage Audio Guestbook Phone

The vintage style audio guest book is the best way (in our opinion) to capture the congratulations/well wishes from your guests.  All you do do is simply pick up the phone headset, leave your message after the greeting and simply hang up.  We make it super easy for the guests and even more fun for you as you listen to those messages.

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Vintage Phone 1.jpeg


The good thing about an audio guest book is people seem to be more authentic in their greetings compared to being on a video.  This also helps eliminates those awkward moments and allows the guests the opportunity to leave more candid (but also sometimes drunk) messages from all of your loving family and friends.  

Why We Love Audio Guestbooks

We get this question often of, "Why should we have an audio guestbook at our wedding?".  We believe the answer is simple... Create memories and relive them!  Our co-owner, Melody, recently lost her grandfather to Parkinson's Disease.  We both wished that we could have had at this at our wedding to be able to capture his voice telling us, "Congratulations and I love you both so much!".  You could even combine this with our photobooth scrapbook to preserve both audio and visual memories from your family and friends. 

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Ask Us How Your Guests Can Call In Live Who Can Not Be There To Celebrate!  Also, check out our phone options below:

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