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360 Photobooths 

     Have you ever wondered what it would be like to book a 360 photobooth for your wedding or corporate event? You can book one from us at Enloe Entertainment LLC to service your wedding or corporate event in Houston, College Station, Galveston, Beaumont, San Antonio, Austin and surrounding areas.  Enloe Entertainment LLC brought the ability to book photobooths to our wedding and corporate event clients in the summer of 2020.  So let's book a 360 photobooth for your wedding or corporate event today!


1.  What is a 360 photo booth?  Also, what should we even consider one for our wedding or event?

  • Enloe Entertainment LLC is one of the leading 360 photobooth experiences in Houston & College Station.  The good thing about a 360 is that the videos will be full of laughter and fun.  As they say, "A picture speaks a thousand words, but a video speaks for a lifetime!".

2.  What makes the Enloe Entertainment LLC 360 photobooth experience so special compared to others?

  • Our goal is to impress you and your guests on your wedding day or your company at your corporate event.  For our wedding clients, we love to incorporate some of the wedding invitation into the overlay.  For our corporate clients, we absolutely LOVE to create custom experiences for them!

3.  What is required to make a reservation for our 360 photobooth experience with Enloe Entertainment LLC?

  • You are welcome to send us your wedding invitation to match for your overlay.  Or for our corporate clients, we ask that you send us your logo and company colors (preferably the hex codes).  Obviously, we will not be starting the design process until your contract is electronically signed and a retainer payment is paid!  If adding the booth to a DJ service, it would be 25% of the total to reserve it.  If you are booking the booth WITHOUT a DJ, then it would be 50% of the total!

4.  Does Enloe Entertainment LLC do drop off booths or will there be an attendant there?

  • Yes, our booth managers are highly trained on the booth experience so that your event will be a wonderful time.  Unfortunately, with a 360 photobooth and the technicalities, we do NOT do drop offs for those.

5.  Does Enloe Entertainment LLC actually do "unlimited sessions"?   

  • We try our best to fit the most amount of people in the booth during our allotted contracted time.

6.  What type of props do Enloe Entertainment LLC bring to our wedding or event?   

  • We do NOT include any props for the 360 photobooth experience.

7.  What is this personalized print template/overlay that you mention?   

  • We can also design something more custom for your wedding or event.  We just ask that you send us your wedding invitation or event flyer.

8.  Can we do the black and white booth aka "glam booth" / "Kardashian booth"

  • We could do a black and white filter on the video.  But, we believe a 360 photobooth experience looks way better in color.

9.  What all do you need at the venue?  Can we do the 360 photobooth experience outdoors?

  • We ask for our area to be a minimum of 15' x 15' and a minimum height of 8'.  A power outlet to be within 10 feet.  We will NOT be doing outdoor events (with no covering for rain), due to the fact of liabilities of the rain/weather.

10.  Where can the guests view all of the videos from the event?  Also, will I/We receive a link to the gallery?


  • Your guests can either click the text link that they get and view them instantly (assuming data coverage in the area) or they can AirDrop the video (for iPhones/iPads).  In the event of an Android device, we can text the guest(s) the link.  If there is date coverage, they should be able to view it instantly.  If not, they can view it once they do!  The client will receive a link with all of the videos to download.

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